Adding a New eCat Site

This tutorial is aimed at Visual Components users, however the same theory can be applied when adding a new site to Eco3D

First load your Visual Components Software, you can use the Eco3D library even if you don’t have the full Eco3D software suite.

Following sign up you will receive an email with your link, copy this link and open your visual components software.

Once the software has opened, right click “Web Sites” the “Browse” panel and select “Add new website”, now enter the URL from your sign up email.


To use the newly added library of components, first select it from under “Web Sites” and the login screen will appear in the “Browse” pane.


Log in using the user name and password you set up during the sign-up process. You now have access to over 50,000 components which can be dragged in from the side panel. For further information please see our other online documentation.

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